Health Exam:  

This exam should be done every 3 weeks until your kitten is 3 - 4 months of age.  In addition to a full physical exam, we discuss your pets training issues, growing issues, and any concerns that arise during this period.  We also weigh your pet and adjust flea prevention doses as necessary.


Fecal Test: 

Intestinal parasites can rob your pet of valuable nutrients, and can in some cases be transmitted to humans.  Annual testing (along with monthly administration of most heartworm preventions) can reduce the risk of human exposure and maximize your pets health.


Felv/FIV Test:  

Feline Leukemia virus, and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus are 2 common viruses that are spread between cats – mostly through saliva (cat bite wounds, grooming, etc).  This virus once contracted is rarely cleared from the cat, and can cause death, or related diseases which lead to death.  We recommended testing kittens about 12 weeks of age, and whenever indicated based on illness, exposure and lifestyle.





We use Purevax ® non-adjuvanted vaccines for all our feline vaccines.



This is a core vaccine of several very contagious feline viruses.  We recommend kittens be vaccinated starting at 6 – 8 weeks of age, and continuing until at least 14 weeks of age.  Indoor only cats with no exposure to outdoor cats are boostered 1 year later, then every three years,  Outdoor cats are boostered annually until middle age, then boostered every 3 years, depending on lifestyle.



Rabies is required by law.  The Purevax ® rabies vaccine is an annual vaccine.  The initial vaccine is given at at 12 weeks of age, then it is boostered annually.  A 3 year Purevax rabies vaccine is also avaible.


Additional vaccines



The feline leukemia vaccine is recommended for cats that go outdoors or are exposed to cats that go outdoors.  The AAFP recommends that all kittens receive the Felv vaccine series, then boostered at the first annual visit.  After that it should be given based on lifestyle of the cat.  We use the Purevax ® vaccine.



Since cats will test positive after getting the FIV vaccine on the standard in hospital “snap” test, and we do not feel this vaccine provides a level of protection that warrants the false positive on the snap test, we do not offer this vaccine.