Health Exam: 

This exam should be done every 3 weeks until your puppy is 4 – 5 months of age.  In addition to a full physical exam, we discuss your pets training issues, growing issues, and any concerns that arise during this period.  We also weigh your pet and adjust flea and heartworm doses as necessary.


Heartworm Test:

Due  to the extremely high infection rate in the SE United States, annual heartworm testing is strongly recommended.  Heartworm disease can cause irreversible damage if allowed to go undiagnosed and untreated.  Our heartworm test not only tests for active heartworm disease, but also screens for exposure to several tickborne diseases.


Fecal Test: 

Intestinal parasites can rob your pet of valuable nutrients, and can in some cases be transmitted to humans.  Annual testing (along with monthly administration of most heartworm preventions) can reduce the risk of human exposure and maximize your pets health.







This is required to be current by law.  Rabies vaccines are administered as a 1 year, or where appropriate as a 3 year vaccine.



This is commonly known as the “Distemper/Parvo” vaccine.  This is a core vaccine administered to puppies starting at 6 – 8 weeks of age, continuing every 3 weeks to approximately 20 weeks of age.  After a full puppy series and adult booster 1 year after the final puppy booster, the vaccine is administered yearly – every 3 years depending on age and risk assessment.


Additional vaccines:

Leptospirosis (4 serovar): 

Recommended for all dogs that go outside.


Tracheobronchitis (“Kennel cough”): 

Recommended/required for all dogs that go to boarding facilities, grooming facilities, dog parks, dog shows, etc…anything that exposes them to other dogs.



Influenza vaccine should be considered in dogs that travel with owners, or dogs that board at large kennels.


Recommended if pet travels to Lyme endemic areas.