We work one on one with you to determine the right services for our clients. Here are some common services that we provide

Wellness Exams

A regular and comprehensive exam ensures the overall health of your pets for the long run. We strive to ensure that any issues are caught early and that your pet recieves the best care at all time


Spay & Neuter

We actively support the Humane Society of Camden County's spay and neuter program


Emergency Care

We are not an Emergency clinic but have excellent relationships to direct you to the best options given the situation. Dr. Dutta also has extensive experience in emergency medicine from her internship at Washington State University and her work in Boston area where she worked as an emergency vet. We have a strong referral program with Emergency clinics in the area that ensures that all records, communications, and coordination is handled to esnure the safety of your pets.


Vaccine administration is based on your pets life style, and risk assessment. We discuss options with owners to help them make an informed decision for their pets well being.


Ethical and medically sound vaccination protocols are the basis for our approach. We ensure that the right protocols with a sound physical exams are the cornerstone in ensuring safety of your pets and the community. 



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We perform a wide variety of surgical procedures utilizing advanced anesthesia monitoring equipment.  We also work closely with Board Certified surgeons and will bring in the right expertise depending on the situation to ensure quality, safety, and recovery for your pets.


We also have a strong referral program for those special situations to ensure the best options for our patients. We work closely with our partners so communication, coordination, and sharing critical medical information are handled seemlessly and effectively.

Micro Chipping

We can provide you with services to ensure your pet's safety and recovery

Dental Care

Proper and regular dental care is essential to over health of your pet. We have invested in state of the art anesthesia and dental care units to provide quaility dental care for your pets from cleaning to extractions.


We have digital X-ray in order to provide you with the best diagnostic studies. Digital xray allows for immediate xray availability.  We also now provide teleradioloy so we can get the board certified radiologist assessments on the fly so we can be assured of the right treatment right away.

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